The perfect garden


When designing a garden or business area, we always follow your wishes. Are you looking for a robust patio garden with a rough terrace, special planting around your office building of do you dream of a romantic orchard filled with old fruit trees? In joint consultation we quickly get picture of what you like, what you want and what not.

Always the style you want

Do you want a minimalistic, a country chique or rather a Japanese style garden? Because we work with several different designers we always know how to translate your wishes into the right style and give it a professional look. In addition, we present our design always in 2D and 3D so that you have a perfect impression of your future garden. Due to our innovating view, we will come to a design with modern and durable materials.





We have a lot of experience in the construction of private and commercial business gardens and use durable and the newest materials doing so. You can rely on our skilled and certified personell, not only regaring plantwork and lwans but also for paving, garden sheds, bridges, fenches, walls, plant borders, fountains, ponts and coverings.

All material in house

Each request is enforceable, as we make everything with our own advanced equipment and machines. This means that projects can therefore be easily compatible and realised efficiently and proffesionaly with the right quality and durability. We recycle our garden disposals with the utmost care, use environmental friendly fuels in our machines ans cars and re-use existing materials when possible. 


In order to keep enjoying your beautiful garden, maintenance is essential. We can offer you maintenance on a regular basis but also offer a major maintenance session in Autumn or Spring time.

No matter how big or small your garden, our skilled and certified workers realise and carry out the work how you want to be done and keep your garden healty.

Mowing, fertilizing, clearing leaves and removing weeds, combating diseases and pests, pruning of the scrubs, hedges and trees: we can help you out. You will be ensured of environmentaly save, efficient and secure work in order to offer you garden maintenance of a high and durable quality.  




The new Cooperation Organization for Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market (SBB) began on 1 August 2015, formerly known as Aequor. Vocational education and business, trade and industry collaborate within SBB to provide students with the best possible practical training with a view to gaining employment. Businesses are thus provided with the most highly qualified professionals. Rob Blom Tuinen trains students on a regular basis who come to learn the fine trade of gardening. The other way around, the students bring in actual developments and knowledge. sbb logo

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The VCA (Safety, health and environmental Checklist Contractors) is a certifiable standard for contractors, with which we can validate that we follow the law and regulations, as for example the ARBO-law. This standard also contains additional requirements to increase safety awareness during working hours. vca bsi logo

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