Winterize the garden

To protect plants from cold winter temperatures, water the garden thoroughly before the first hard frost. Once the ground has begun to freeze, mulch around the base of more tender plants with several inches of shredded leaves, ground bark or evergreen boughs. Newly planted trees or shrubs can be wrapped with a layer of burlap stuffed with insulating material such as straw or dried leaves.

But when in doubt which trees, shrubs and plants can be pruned or cut or can we help you in any other green way? We love to help you!  


corten stalen bakken om veranda palen heen

In need of a garden make-over?

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Old fruit trees

For the finishing touch in your garden, you could choose one of our old fruit trees. We can offer you a variety of old trees, some are even 60 years old. We have apple, pear, plum and cherry trees in all sizes. The typically Dutch look will give your garden that special bit of extra. Not only great to look at, but the fruit it gives is really delicious. We therefore like to welcome you at our company site to take a look at our large collection of typically Dutch old fruit trees!